Super Fantozzi (1986)

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Super Fantozzi (1986). 1h 32m

“The u0026quot;Fantozziu0026quot; movie series is quite popular in Italy, but this fifth movie is really a forgettable one. The whole idea is to show how the Fantozzi family has lived as losers through time ever since the beginning of the world. This is done by showing a number of episodes: we see Fantozzi as a caveman, a Greek soldier, a crusader, a French revolutionary and more. Nothing wrong with it, but unfortunately most of the episodes are not so funny, and the movie is actually quite boring. Sure there are a number of funny episodes, but they are very few, too few actually to make the movie interesting. I donu0026#39;t know if these movies are shown outside of Italy (they are unknown here in the Netherlands, and I think I once saw one on German TV), but if you happen to find them, take a look at the first ones (u0026quot;Fantozziu0026quot; and u0026quot;Il secondo tragico Fantozziu0026quot;) and leave this alone, you wonu0026#39;t miss much…”


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