The Sintern (TV Movie 2024)

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The Sintern (TV Movie 2024). The Sintern: Directed by Julie Herlocker. With Evelyn Giovine, Damon Dayoub, Samuel Larsen, Raquel Davies. A young woman hellbent on revenge takes a job as an intern at a megachurch to expose a corrupt pastor with dark secrets.

“I donu0026#39;t really like movies that is church/religious related but I do like murder mysteries. I have to praise the lead – Evelyn Giovine, sheu0026#39;s a pretty good actress and I think sheu0026#39;ll have a promising career even if itu0026#39;s for this type of movies. The real shining star though and main reason I checked this movie is out is – Samuel Larsen. He is such an underrated actor yet I believe he is extremely talented. Iu0026#39;ve seen almost everything heu0026#39;s been in and I think he should be in more movies, have better parts etc. And OMG, that voice of his when he sings is simply amazing. I hope he does more movies in the future and that he becomes a huge success with his music. So yes, this movie turned out good and I really wasnu0026#39;t expecting that.”


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