L'ora legale (2017)

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L'ora legale (2017). 1h 32m

“The film deals with a very important issue for the southern Italian regions in a direct and consistent manner. A village is overwhelmed by a wave of legality that brings havoc among the population accustomed to misbehave. Traffic, abusive parking, misappropriation of public land, pollution and lack of decorum are just some of the points touched. And this is a real problem today in Sicily, Calabria and other areas of the peninsula, even in the north. There are some flaws, including the recitation of a few actors, but overall the u0026quot;comedyu0026quot; (it looks like a tragedy to me, considering itu0026#39;s all true) is really enjoyable. I hope it will help raise awareness of the viewer in a massive way. I love the end: it is emblematic.”


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