Uncovered: The McMartin Family Trials (TV Movie 2019)

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Uncovered: The McMartin Family Trials (TV Movie 2019). 2h

“This documentary is produced for the short-attention-span generation. As a UK resident I donu0026#39;t know how typical it is of American TV but I found the pace way too quick. No chance any UK equivalent would be like this. The camera is never on an individual for more than 10 seconds (so it seemed) before itu0026#39;s shooting off to a graphic and then another and then back to the next individual for a quick line before its recap time. I really do not like this style.nThat said, I did get used to it (without liking it any better) and the case itself is very interesting. I am sceptical when it comes to the issue of documentaries being unbiased but I think this one is pretty fair in its coverage. Although it clearly sways in one direction, I think that this was driven by the realities of the case and it certainly offered a fair amount of the opposite viewpoint.nUltimately I think this is for true crime fans only, and they will appreciate it. 7/10.”


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