Where Have All the People Gone (TV Movie 1974)

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Where Have All the People Gone (TV Movie 1974). 1h 14m | TV-PG

“Four people have gone camping and while three members of a family are inside a cave looking around, a bright light appears outside followed by an earthquake. The other person, u0026quot;Jim Clancyu0026quot; (Noble Willingham) just happened to be outside when it happened and not long afterward he gets sick and dies. Totally on their own, the father, u0026quot;Steven Andersu0026quot; (Peter Graves) decides to take his teenage son, u0026quot;Davidu0026quot; (George Ou0026#39;Hanlan Jr.) and his daughter, u0026quot;Deborahu0026quot; (Kathleen Quinlan) back to Malibu in search of their mother who left the campsite earlier in the day headed for home. On the way back they find that what happened to them wasnu0026#39;t an isolated incident as entire towns are totally deserted and empty. Everybody is gone. Anyway, rather than answer the question of u0026quot;what happened to everybodyu0026quot; I will leave it to the viewer to see for themselves. I will say however, that even after watching the film in its entirety I still thought there were one or two unanswered questions. Additionally, one particular drawback was the fact that it was narrated in the past tense by one of the family members, which took some of the mystery out of it in my opinion. But even so the film managed to maintain suspense for the most part. I especially liked Peter Gravesu0026#39; calm and collected demeanor throughout the movie as it added a solid character to the film. In short, for a low-budget made-for-television movie this one wasnu0026#39;t too bad and I give it an average rating.”


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