Turn It Up (2000)

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Turn It Up (2000). 1h 26m | R

“I felt ripped off. With Pras Michel and Ja Rule ringleading this Glitter-turned-rap film, I thought it would real cool. How naive am I? Although none of the actors were terrible (although Ja could do with a few acting lessons… given that its his first time Iu0026#39;ll forgive him, but he should stick to what he does best) theyu0026#39;re not good either. Pras and his lady-friend are about the ONLY people among the masses that look as though they know what theyu0026#39;re doing. Also, what the hell is up with everybody you ever get to see in the film (minus a select few) being killed? And then having an ending thatu0026#39;s supposed to envoke sad emotions – you donu0026#39;t feel bad for the people because you didnu0026#39;t care about them in the first place! In conclusion, if you donu0026#39;t like violence or continued use of the word u0026#39;n***au0026#39; then donu0026#39;t Turn It Up, turn it off! Itu0026#39;s no wonder this thing didnu0026#39;t make any money – it grossed less than 1.5 million! 2/10”


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