Unsung Hero (2024)

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Unsung Hero (2024). 1h 53m | PG

“One of the best Christian Films Ive seen in a long time. It manages to get the point accross without being to preachy. The movie flows from start to finish and has some great ups and really sad downs ; but yet it doesnt drag at all. With all the hype and way over board promotion ; I expected it to be awful. Boy O Boy, was I wrong. Loved all the actors and Joel does a great job protraying his dad. Each kid picked did such a awesome job. My only complaintu0026#39;s are Candaces hair and Jonathans looked so fake.. like they dident even try. I really wanted to see more of Rebeecca Journy as well. Just remeber the movie is mostly about the mother and her faith and strengh..”


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