Paul Mooney: It's the End of the World (TV Special 2010)

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Paul Mooney: It's the End of the World (TV Special 2010). 1h

“I read the review of the previous poster, please lighten up! Paul Mooney is hilarious. I saw him first on the now canceled, Dave Chapelle show on a segment called, u0026quot;Ask a Black Dude.u0026quot; I was laughing constantly. He doesnu0026#39;t just poke fun at u0026quot;white peopleu0026quot; as the other reviewer says, he also lampoons his own race and has gotten heat for doing that in another stand up before this. He talks about everything from Whitney Houston on coke to Obama being elected. It takes place in a famous strip club in Dallas called u0026quot;The Lodge,u0026quot; so there is nudity every now and then. If offensive language bothers you and nudity, then you might not want to watch, if youu0026#39;re immune to that and mature, you may just have a good laugh.”


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