Ninja Zombie (1992)

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Ninja Zombie (1992). 1h 27m

“Back in The mid 90u0026#39;s I worked at a grocery store as a bagger. Have have been a cineast for my entire life and at that time, as a teen I dreamt of nothing more than making a horrible no-budget movie. It just so happened the produce manager (Chad? Chet? Chip?) had a friend who made a no-budget movie himself: Zombie Ninja. The manager lent my friends and I a VHS copy, from what I remember it was yet to be released, but did have a distributor as he asked the director to add some boobs. So after work one night we all retired to my parents living room to watch Nonja Zombie. I remember nothing about it but there was a zombie (maybe dead ex-cop) and there were boobs (because the distributor wanted them) other than that I only remembered name. Glad to see the produce manageru0026#39;s friend finally got this to be see. By a wider audience. Does it deserve it? Maybe. I figure anyone who took the time to make a movie no matter how bad should have it be seen.”


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