Amityville Death Toilet (2023)

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Amityville Death Toilet (2023). 1h 12m

“This was 5 minutes of content stretched out over an hour. There were like 3 actors, a few wacky nonsense things, and the whole thing felt like it was shot on a whim with a phone. This must have been like a 24-hour-make-a-horror-movie-challenge or something. Or a movie made by 12-year-olds with help from their dads. I wouldnu0026#39;t recommend this movie, but I would challenge anyone to watch it! If you enjoy absolutely intentionally awful sub indie horroresque video rambles, then this is for you. It will test your fortitude! Good luck, and may every deity have mercy on your soul. I literally had to take Tylenol after watching this.”


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