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Byte (2024). Byte: Directed by Eddie Lengyel. With Kayden Bryce, Marshall Vargas, Carlie Allen, Stephen Nicholas Knight. A group of college kids try to help their friend when he discovers a mysterious phone app that turns users into werewolves.

“I saw this both in the theatre and at home on Tubi, and I have to say that this indie film is a lot of fun! It kind of gave us Mystery Incorporated Scooby Doo vibes for a new generation. With a gang of young people trying to figure out whou0026#39;s behind the deadly animal attacks and the new app that has its users drinking a vial of blood, Byte incorporates the tropes and characters of an old school mystery creature thriller with modern technology, a twist of humor, and tons of blood spatter! The theatre audience was fully engaged and it was fun a second time at home too. While some of the acting was either over the top or deadpan, it lent to the genre well and there are lines that people came out of theatre repeating! Jett was really well ancted, youu0026#39;d be shocked to know it was the a toru0026#39;s first feature film! And April and Nora were believable heroes who really showed their acting chops (played by veteran actress Kayden Bryce and newcomer Carlie Allen) as they fought for… well, I wonu0026#39;t spoil it for you!”


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