A Knife in the Dark (2024)

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A Knife in the Dark (2024). A Knife in the Dark: Directed by Joe Sherlock. With John Bowker, Tim Coyle, Josh Dent, Richard Johnson. In the Thornton mansion, the idle rich spend their days enjoy their wealth and power. But this mysterious family has a deadly secret: who is wearing the mask – and wielding a knife in the dark? And who will be their next victim?

“Far from the giallo masterpiece u0026#39;A Blade in the Darku0026#39; (or u0026#39;La casa con la scala nel buiou0026#39;), Joe Sherlocku0026#39;s u0026#39;A Knife in the Darku0026#39; might mislead with its title, but it lacks any real substance. This film shouldnu0026#39;t be mistaken for the typical Sherlock flair; it predominantly features novice actors confined to a suburban setting, engaging in endless dialogue that barely progresses the narrative. It appears the filmu0026#39;s aim is to stretch the content to reach a feature-length runtime, devoid of the inventive SOV gags or the playful inclusion of voluptuous fun gratuitous nudity, leaving viewers with nothing but prolonged conversations. Try u0026quot;Zombie Chronicles: Infection Zoneu0026quot; instead.”


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