Psycho Ex (2024)

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Psycho Ex (2024). Psycho Ex: Directed by Jared Cohn. With Travis Carter, Trae Ireland, Mina Joukar, Riona Lally. Psycho Ex is a gripping psychological thriller set entirely in a family's home. Megan and her loved ones are terrorized by her dangerous ex-boyfriend, Derek. With Megan's mother, Karen, desperately protecting her daughter and Jill aiding the defense, the film explores themes of obsession, fear, and the lengths one will go to safeguard their family.

“This is one of the worst movies the women were annoying just running around doing nothing but screaming the ex bf kills everyone get over it and they just watch how did this get aired canu0026#39;t believe i even watch this donu0026#39;t waste your time this should be taken off air. I dont think this could of been a good movie if they tried was just awful. Acting was bad and the guy with the Grey hair is in every kind of these movies The end he just killed himself and made a video about why he did it so dumb and why do you need 600 words also to say how bad a movie is. Nothing else to say just horrible they should fix this site there should be no minimum how we dont like movies lol its not ordering food just writing reviews why we dont like movies.”


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