Flying Elephants (Short 1928)

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Flying Elephants (Short 1928). 17m | Passed

“After years of reading about this early Laurel u0026amp; Hardy short in Randy Skretvedtu0026#39;s u0026quot;Laurel and Hardy: The Magic Behind the Moviesu0026quot;, I finally managed to watch this Stone Age-set comedy on Hulu as linked from IMDb. Unlike their later classic work, here Stan and Ollie arenu0026#39;t together much and when they are, theyu0026#39;re fighting over a girl they want to marry. As Skretvedt said in the book: u0026quot;They appear to be as much of a team as Popeye and Bluto.u0026quot; Still they, and James Finlayson, provide much laughs whether hitting each other (or anybody else) on the heads or doing some kind of face dance. I also liked it when Stan landed on a cactus. So on that note, Flying Elephants is worth a look if youu0026#39;re an L u0026amp; H completist. P.S. The stunning woman playing the girl-Viola Richard-was from Lafayette in my current home state of Louisiana. The title refers to Ollieu0026#39;s talking to another female about elephants flying to the South this time of year as we see just that after he mentions it. That animation was provided by Roy Seawright in his first of many accomplishments at the Hal Roach studio. And this was the last L u0026amp; H short distributed by the Pathe Exchange as Roach could no longer tolerate the movie companyu0026#39;s inept distribution methods. Heu0026#39;d eventually choose M-G-M for his future dealings.”


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