Putting Pants on Philip (Short 1927)

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Putting Pants on Philip (Short 1927). 20m | Passed

“The first u0026quot;officialu0026quot; Laurel and Hardy movie is not like the ones with which weu0026#39;re more familiar. In this case, Laurel is a man from Scotland and Hardy is his uncle greeting him in the US. To be certain, Stan wears a kilt and tam, while Hardy wears a porkpie hat (like Buster Keaton wore). A couple of the scenes in u0026quot;Putting Pants on Philipu0026quot; were probably risqué for the time (a couple of them predict Marilyn Monroeu0026#39;s most famous stunt).u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eBasically, Stan and Ollie were just beginning as a team, so they hadnu0026#39;t yet figured out a style. Nevertheless, the end gag is funny enough. Mostly worth seeing as a historical note.”


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