Dragonworld: The Legend Continues (TV Movie 1999)

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Dragonworld: The Legend Continues (TV Movie 1999). 1h 18m | PG

“if you enjoy fast paced,amazing special effects that you and your children will both enjoy, then i am afraid to say this is not the movie for you. although u0026quot;Dragon World 2u0026quot; offers a cute story for youngsters it fails to give you the effects that you may desire this day in age. I find for that reason children over the age of seven will find this to be the laughing stock of the household in which you live in.On the contrary i recommend this movie to easily amused toddlers and brave young ones who have graduated the barney or telletubbie age. This movie fails to keep you informed of whats going on, fails to satisfy your thirst for high octane effects and fails to keep parents from not cracking up so hard they have a heart-attack. I also donu0026#39;t recommend it if you hate bowl cutes because the kid(who grows up to be Drake on Drake and Josh)has the bowl cut of the century”


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