Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer (1976)

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Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer (1976). 1h 32m

“u0026quot;Givu0026#39;at Halfon Eina Onau0026quot; is definitely the best movie of Israeli cinema. It is super funny, creative and mind blowing at the time. The movie is one out of four movies that u0026quot;The Pale Trackeru0026quot; group did back in the day. All movies were not connected by plot, they had nothing to do with each other. But they all became classics of cinema and culture in Israel. With u0026quot;Givu0026#39;at Halfonu0026quot; being the most remarkable and the one everyone remembers. It is a parody over the military and citizens, the combination between the two is hilarious. The big stars of the movie are the three members of u0026quot;The Pale Trackeru0026quot;: Gavri Banai, Yisrael Poliakov and Shaike Levi. All doing a great job and wonderful performances. Interesting fact: both the actors Nitza Saul and Tuvia Tzafir play in this movie and in the other classic called u0026quot;Hagiga Bu0026#39;Snukeru0026quot; which makes them the only actors to play in both most classical movies ever in Israel. What I love so much about this movie is all the catch phrases and iconic dialogues between the characters but I canu0026#39;t give any examples because itu0026#39;s not the same in English. I believe all viewers should watch this movie, rather you want to or need to because itu0026#39;s a u0026quot;must watchu0026quot;. Even if you donu0026#39;t get the jokes Iu0026#39;m sure youu0026#39;ll understand the concept and story. Put on your uniform and go to the military!”


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