Love to the Rescue (TV Movie 2019)

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Love to the Rescue (TV Movie 2019). 1h 24m | TV-G

“Nikki DeLoach is one of my Hallmark favourites, but she had some movies that I didnu0026#39;t like so I didnu0026#39;t expect to like this one. As I was watching this movie, I came to love the characters, including Liam and Bianca. The officemates, the members of the PTA, the obedience school people and fur babies…u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe kids are adorable, and of course, Bruce is a charmer.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe story may or may not be perfect, but it is enjoyable from start to finish.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI love Ms. DeLoachu0026#39;s chemistry with Mr. Rady, and the story, like what most of the reviewers here said, is not your usual Hallmark Rom-Com.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI would surely would love to see a wide screen version of this one with the same cast. Is that even possible?u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eWell, if it isnu0026#39;t I hope more people would get to see this made for TV movie. I think even guys would like this one. It is very relatable, and the actors are very convincing.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAnyway, these are just my feelings. I do not know if they would be helpful or not, but I just wanted to share how I felt after watching this movie.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThanks for your time.”


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