Mother of the Bride (2024)

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Mother of the Bride (2024). 1h 28m | TV-PG

“When you watch a rom com you can nearly expect whatu0026#39;s going to happen, this is no different. However the plot is utter ridiculous even by rom com standards. Most of the actors have no chemistry and the production is choppy to say the least. Brooke Shields isnt bad, Rachael Harris (Lucifer) has some good lines, Wilson Cruz (Star Trek Discovery) has some good lines too. Miranda Cosgrove and Sean Teale (the bride and groom in the movie) have zero chemistry. Im not even sure why Chad Michael Murrayu0026#39;s character Will was even necessary for this movie. The best part of the whole film is the beautiful scenery. Most of the film is utter cringeworthy stuff. Save yourself 90 mins and watch something else.”


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