Xin si wang you xi (1975)

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Xin si wang you xi (1975). 1h 24m | R

“Long before the Golden Harvestu0026#39;s unfaithful Game of Death was released in 1978, shameless Taiwanese filmmakers did put on the map a copy-of-the copy that was unfaithfull as well, but funny: as soon as the still photos of Bruceu0026#39;s unfinished project were printed on local magazines, carachter-actor Lin Bing and YiYun Film Company invented this movie. They didnu0026#39;t know anything but the original story, they only knew the still photos showing Bruce, Kareem and others. The movie was made in just 2 weeks on a shoestring budget of less than 100.000 US dollars and they sold it everywhere in 1975. Ho Tsung Tao was renamed u0026quot;Lee Roy Lungu0026quot; before becoming u0026quot;Bruce Liu0026quot;. All in all the movie is an unintentional joke: the popsong King of Kung-Fu sung by u0026quot;Candyu0026quot; was a cooooool weird piece, expecially if you considers that grade-B Kung-fu movies rarely had original music composed for them, they used steal music from other films. The cast includes Lung Fei with a whip, Shan Mao as a karate-man, the ubiquitous Chang Yi Kwai as a stuntman, Tsai hung with a turban… not to mention a ridicolous black boxer with an almost female breasts and a wrestler who looks like a caveman! No word is spent to explain why modern gangsters waste their time hiring fighters instead of simply shooting the hero with a pistol. Fight coreography is merely decent in some occasion. When this movie was released in Italy, in the city of Turin audience went angry on finding Bruce wasnu0026#39;t in it and they call the police, asking back the admission price and forcing the owner of the theatre to put out a sign that said Bruce Lee didnu0026#39;t appear in the movie. They were less idiots than the filmmakers thought, nonetheless if you take this movie for what it is, you can have some fun (expecially when the shadows of the fighters are incidentally casted on the fake sky-panel outside the pagodau0026#39;s balcony). Thatu0026#39;s why this trash ranks 6 in my memory. Ho Tsung Tao was an excellent athlete anyway and a nice guy.”


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