Transgression (2011)

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Transgression (2011). 1h 34m

“The main reason for which I saw TRANSGRESSION is because itu0026#39;s one of the many movies with Michael Ironside that I still hadnu0026#39;t seen until last summer but what struck me the most was… how could Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta be in such an obscure Canadian production? Perhaps the director saw some of her movies and called her personally or she wanted to do something obscure as nearly everyone does at some point in their careers (tho the first option might be the most adequate answer).u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eMatthew (Michael Ironside) and Elena (Cucinotta) are a married couple tho Elenau0026#39;s son Yvailo canu0026#39;t stand her momu0026#39;s stepfather for his brutish manners and that Matthew kinda brainwashed her momu0026#39;s brain so one evening he sneaks out. But one night Matthew and Elena will spend one of the worst night of their lives when some burglars come to their home and have to deal with the couple. This caused some unintentionally funny moments as well and as it unfolds in the end itu0026#39;s fine for all.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eJudging from the score of 3,7 and the only three reviews (two that give it 4s and one that gives it a 6) it might be a terrible movie but call me dumb, I kinda liked it tho I could see why nearly all the other few who dared to rate/review it hated it. First, Elenau0026#39;s son was like an annoying distraction that was probably put on purpose by the writer because he didnu0026#39;t looked at all like a normal human being. He was too whiny and cocky, but thankfully the movie then decided to focus on the couple and thieves. Second, the thieves look like the dumbest criminals ever seen on film because they deal with the couple like if they asked Matthew and Elena to come to their home and then the couple had to treat them well. It made me ask why the couple didnu0026#39;t bought some security cameras or house allarms for avoiding the burglars at home.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eOverall, a decent home invasion movie made in the same year of TRESPASS with Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman but with lesser grade stars. Not that bad despite the aforementioned problems and for Italians out there, itu0026#39;s especially recommended because of Cucinottau0026#39;s performance.”


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