Frontiers (2023)

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Frontiers (2023). 1h 35m

“No pun intended – even with having seen so many movies, you can be and get surprised from time to time. Maybe you will be able to figure certain things out way before I did. The movie tells the story very nicely and it leaves it a bit up to you to … see and believe what you want to. Although according to the director a lot of the things actually happened in the house they shot (his own family house for over 200 years).u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eWell haunted house or not, there are other issues and dangers lurking around. u0026quot;Realu0026quot; ones that is – and also quite female orientated! Kudos – I do not think that is a bad thing, quite the opposite! And while I talk about sticking together, that doesnu0026#39;t mean there is no friction and disagreement! Also do not confuse this with another french movie called Frontiers … which was way more fast paced … and had a lot more violence! This is more psychological to say the least …”


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