Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe (1990)

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Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe (1990). 1h 27m | R

“The overall story is not dreadful, but it plays along as if a 10-year-old wrote it. Combine that with sub-sub-par acting, minimal (at best) effects work (someone had a lot of fun with gasoline explosions), and a soundtrack that sounds like it came straight from a bad u0026#39;70s porn flick, and you end up with u0026quot;Abraxas.u0026quot; There are a few funny parts, though. One was Jim Belushi playing a principal named u0026quot;Latimer.u0026quot; That was his characteru0026#39;s name (and position) in his earlier movie, u0026quot;The Principal.u0026quot; The other was a character saying u0026quot;a parsec is not an acceptable unit of time measurement on Earth.u0026quot; Obviously, a nod to the infamous u0026quot;Kessel run in less than 12 parsecsu0026quot; line from Star Wars. Overall, if you donu0026#39;t *have* to see Abraxas, donu0026#39;t.”


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