A Bit of Light (2022)

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A Bit of Light (2022). 1h 38m

“This is a touching story showing the struggles of a woman to stabilise her life and regain custody of her children. She has felt unsupported through her difficulties and feels isolated even though her father is at hand. But they are disconnected, until with the kindness and care of a young man she begins to see light at the end of the tunnel and to re-establish a life for herself. What a beautifully directed story. The whole cast, headed by Anna Paquin portray the joys and failings we all have in our lives and Director Steven Moyer excels for his part in showing us some true to life characters played by Anna Paquin, Ray Winstone and (newcomer) Luca Hogan along with Youssef Kerkour and Pippa Bennet-Warner. A brilliant piece of writing from Rebecca Callard. Thoroughly enjoyable movie.”


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