AC/DC: Live at River Plate (2009)

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AC/DC: Live at River Plate (2009). 1h 52m | Not Rated

“AC/DC still rule when it comes to rock and Angus still does the job one of the best lead guitarist out there.the band still have plenty to offer and keep the crowd going wild even though they are all pushing 60year old.They still bang out all the old favourites as well as putting a few of there new songs in the concert but the hole concert was out of this world with the stage taking the full width of the stadium with a central stage right down the centre of the crowd so that the crowd could get a good look at the band l could not believe the energy that these guys had at there age they were running round like 20 year old men,Angus stole the show wit the out of this world playing and running about like a man in need of a straight jacket is energy really kept the audience on there toes would recommend to any body if you love your rock you will love this”


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