Knox Goes Away (2023)

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Knox Goes Away (2023). 1h 54m | R

“KNOX GOES AWAY (2024) ***1/2 Michael Keaton, James Marsden, Al Pacino, Marcia Gay Harden, Ray McKinnon, Joanna Kulig, Dennis Dugan, Suzy Nakamura. Keaton, who also skillfully directed, stars as an aging contract killer whose diagnosis of a rapidly degenerative form of dementia sets a time clock involving a botched hit, a dogged police detective, and his adult estranged son, while attempting to keep his wits about him as his downward spiral drastically takes affect. Well written with a scalpelu0026#39;s precision by Gregory Poirier and the use of its sound design and blurring cinematography documents its protagonistu0026#39;s dilemma with alacrity. Keaton gives one of his best, low-key turns in ages.”


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