Everwinter Night (2023)

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Everwinter Night (2023). Everwinter Night: Directed by Adam Newman. With Victoria Mirrer, Sarah Nicklin, Francesca Shipsey, Chris Goodwin. Lifelong best friends, Maddy and V, set out for a relaxing vacation. When their old college clique hijack their plans, V finds herself at a remote ski lodge where a group of mysterious wealthy men throw a celebration century in the making.

“This movie is super fun and such a creepy story! It starts with a familiar type of plotline of childhood friends meeting back up after a while and then immediately starts to unravel into a crazy supernatural world of mystery and chaos. The characters are really relatable and the whole story is really well written. The setting and atmosphere is incredibly spooky and gives great eerie vibes to the film. There are a few funny moments but tons of edge-of-your-seat action. I would definitely recommend this if youu0026#39;re looking for an original. Not your typical u0026quot;cabin in the woodsu0026quot; type of film. I can definitely see this becoming a cult classic.”


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