Baby Obsession (TV Movie 2018)

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Baby Obsession (TV Movie 2018). 1h 28m | TV-14

“I am not a viewer of Lifetime films. The only reason for me to go through them from time to time is because of the actors Iu0026#39;ve known from daytime television. Is this movie groundbreaking, inspiring, heartbreaking or touching? The answer is none of them. Projects like this one are only a way to get paycheque in order for these actors to support their families. Nothing more. Luckily, u0026quot;Baby Obsessionu0026quot; (aka Your Baby is Mine) is passable to this audience thanks to the satisfactory interpretations of female lead and antagonist. I am glad that Linsey play the good girl, a protective and strong mother, and not the typical psychopath or victim unlike the other two lifetime films which she has done recently. Perhaps that explains why her acting isnu0026#39;t onenote and OTT here. I am also relieved that Alicia is able to make her character somewhat sympathetic, not the stereotypical villain which I would expect from Lifetime.”


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