Too Much Love (2023)

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Too Much Love (2023). 1h 40m

“People cannot distinguish in their minds that Hasan Can Kaya is making a movie and at the same time, completely independent of it, he has a talk show that makes people laugh a lot. Since the name of the movie is Much Love, we want it to be a love movie that will make you cry immediately. I look at some comments and they say there is no love here. Well, didnu0026#39;t you understand the movie, sister? Here is a story told by the author. We are watching the wonderful, bittersweet story of a screenwriter who called the passions in his life love. At the same time, it is a pen that has not forgotten the helpless and troubled citizens of our country. I congratulate the entire team of this movie, which I watched breathlessly and got in a lot of moods. You did an excellent job.”


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