All That Divides Us (2017)

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All That Divides Us (2017). 1h 39m | Not Rated

“Actually, I still wonder if this film is a pure drama or a crime movie; maybe a little both. This is the story of a young woman – Diane Kruger – involved in a romance with a petty thug – Nicolas Duvauchelle, the French Matt Dillon, the kind of actor who, even in his forties, will continue to play youngsters characters – a thug himself involved with the local and particularly violent, fierce kingpin – played by a convincing Olivier Lousteau – to whom he owes a big sum of money. Duvauchelle is pretty disgusting here, and Kruger special too as the broad madly in love with the guy who despises her. Krugeru0026#39;s characteru0026#39;s mother is here played by Catherine Deneuve, as terrific, if not more, than ever. So, thatu0026#39;s the basic plot, the scheme of this story that will not reserve you many surprises but will not deceive you either.”


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