The Moonraker (1958)

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The Moonraker (1958). 1h 22m

“Of the surprisingly few films produced dealing with the English Civil War,this is probably the most entertaining:One Iu0026#39;ve viewed many times over the years!u003cbr/u003eGeorge Baker is ideal as the Cavalier Aristocrat Anthony,Earl of Dawlish,aka u0026quot;The Moonrakeru0026quot;.,who has helped many Royalist fugitives evade Cromwellu0026#39;s forces and escape to France. Now,he has his most important task to fulfil,to aid the heir apparent to the English throne, Charles Stuart, in a similar course of action. Dawlish too must try to leave England as the Roundhead net tightens.u003cbr/u003eA journey not without danger ends at the clifftop Windwhistle Inn,used by the Moonraker in previous escapades,from whence he must find a Captain and vessel willing to risk the Channel crossing to France..Those at the Inn include both Friend and Foe(Especially Tyler,a dangerous spy).u003cbr/u003eOne of these folk is pretty Puritan Anne Wyndham(Nicely played by Sylvia Syms),who has bitter feelings towards Royalists,and happens to be the Fiancee of Colonel Beaumont,the local Cromwellian charged with hunting down both the Royal Prince and the Moonraker. After wounds sustained in a swordfight with Tyler,Dawlish is attended by Anne:Her heart is melted by the dashing,romantic Cavalier.u003cbr/u003eBeaumont arrives at the Inn with a troop of his men:A pompous,rotund but ultimately heroic Royalist named Parfitt attempts to facilitate the escape to the waiting ketch in the cove below. A lengthy duel ensues between Dawlish and Tyler. Will our hero escape? Will Anne,now released from her Engagement to the staid Beaumont,follow Dawlish??u003cbr/u003eThis is a colourful movie,with good location photography in Southern England,accurate costumes(Sash colours permitting!)Swordplay and even Romance,and good supporting performances generally. Paul Whitsun-Jones(Parfitt),Marius Goring(Beaumont),Clive Morton(Lord Harcourt),Gary Raymond(Charles Stuart),Peter Arne(Tyler) amongst the latteru003cbr/u003eAnd the Title song(Sung by Ronnie Hilton in good voice) helps proceedings along! Recommended.9/10.”


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