Screwdriver (2023)

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Screwdriver (2023). Screwdriver: Directed by Cairo Smith. With AnnaClare Hicks, Charlie Farrell, Milly Sanders, Matt Munroe. Taken in by a wealthy couple after her sudden divorce, an isolated woman spirals into a surreal nightmare of manipulation, paranoia, and betrayal.

“This movie had 4.5 stars on Amazon prime and was left under the suspense and horror category. This movie was absolutely HORRIBLE, a waste of time. Horrible acting, no plot, no story, low budget film set in one place. I made an idmb account JUST TO give this movie the lowest rating possible thereu0026#39;s no way you could POSSIBLY enjoy this. I wish I could get a refund. Me and my fiance couldnu0026#39;t even enjoy movie night this movie ruined our whole night. This movie doesnu0026#39;t belong in the horror genre. The movie is just a twisted manipulative therapy session nothing more. If youu0026#39;re interested in a movie about a therapy session with no plot this movie is for you. But if you want horror and suspense PLEASE for the love of God DO NOT waste your time and money this movie should be BANNED from Amazon prime.”


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