Fists of Legend (2013)

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Fists of Legend (2013). 2h 34m | Not Rated

“i think to be an actor is not an easy occupation, and to be a Korean actor, well, might be even tougher. why? being a Korean action actor, you got to have some real tough training in fighting skills, not just phantom boxing or kicking. signing up a movie like this u0026#39;fists of legendu0026#39; is definitely not a job that you could waltz through the whole nine yards just by mimicking the movements of a modern day MMA fighter, you have to look real and act convincingly enough, otherwise, you might ruin the whole production. in this film, we see several familiar faces of the best popular Korean actors doing the amazing fighting scenes and youu0026#39;d better believe it since thereu0026#39;s not a scene that does not look real. i do believe that some make-up artists did a great job to all the players in the ring but they just cannot make-up the real sweat raining down from the bodies of those great actors. this is a very good Korean movie that not just portrays how Koreans love the MMA, but also shows that this is a tough race to deal with. thinking about the Koreans in the north of 38 degrees, they are even tougher than the south. look what the mother and the daughter pushing the son-father to keep fighting, not just for money but for pride, integrity and principles. another great Korean movie, that is for sure, but definitely not for the lame and timid hearts.”


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