Monkey Warfare (2006)

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Monkey Warfare (2006). 1h 15m

“I recently saw this at the 2007 Palm Springs International Film Festival and I donu0026#39;t know how itu0026#39;s possible to take a $30,000 budget and a two week film shoot and come up with a picture thatu0026#39;s 10 times better than many costing 100 times the budget and 10 times the shoot time but Monkey Warfare is evidence that it is. Director/writer Reginald Harkema is obviously a talented filmmaker but he must also be a hypnotist to get this accomplish cast and crew to work for next to nothing. The filmu0026#39;s title comes from a chapter in counter-culture Icon Abbie Hoffmanu0026#39;s 1971 autobiography Steal This Book but the story of the film is about a couple who are eking out a living by hitting garage sales and dumpster diving but using their skills of discovery and knowledge of antiques to turn a profit by selling their items on the internet. They live an underground existence with a fixed rent and have a past to run from. Theyu0026#39;re relationship as boyfriend-girlfriend has become Platonic over the years but a younger girl who deals in top grade marijuana comes into their lives and a chain of events unfolds that will alter the lives of all three. Actor/writer.director/producer Don McKellar is Dan, actress Tracy Wright is Linda and actress Nadia Litz is Susan. All three have multi-credited careers. Harkema, who has come to directing through being an editor does not edit this film as Kathy Weinkauf is editor here. Jonathan cliff is the filmu0026#39;s cinematographer. This is an imaginative film with lotu0026#39;s of character development, a good script and story and lotu0026#39;s of smart comedy. I would give this an 8.0 out of 10 and recommend it.”


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