Archangel (1990)

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Archangel (1990). 1h 30m | Not Rated

“Part black comedy, part romantic drama, and part horrific war film-u0026quot;Archangelu0026quot; manages to blend these genres with its consistent surrealist style, the style that practically all of Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddinu0026#39;s films are made of. Before I continue this review Iu0026#39;d like to point out that I absolutely ADORE the films of Guy Maddin. I think of him as the Canadian David Lynch (and Lynch is my all time favorite filmmaker, so thatu0026#39;s high praise), but comparing him to other icons doesnu0026#39;t truly do his work justice. He certainly has his own, distinct style, his films always mimic the visuals of a silent film, particularly those of Eisenstein. He also experiments a lot with use of overdubbing dialogue, a dreamlike atmosphere, and bizarre, dark humor. His style is not for everybody, but for those that can appreciate this oddball genius his films come across like underrated treasures, and u0026quot;Archangelu0026quot; may just be my very favorite.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis film is both gruesome and powerful, it makes a statement about dealing with love and loss, while also entertaining us with its wacky plot and laugh out loud humor. I had a ball watching this bizarre, tragicomic tale, mainly due to its fast paced nature and heavy surrealism. Those who seek an other wordly experience will likely adore this film, for I think it best captures Maddinu0026#39;s famously odd style. The acting is at times somewhat wooden, but its obvious that this is the movieu0026#39;s intent. Much of the jokes are performed in a completely deadpan and slightly awkward manner, which makes them even funnier. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe dialogue is great, the visuals are beautiful, the story is brilliantly weird, and I cannot find a single problem with this little masterpiece. Those who enjoy the avant garde must see this film as soon as possible!”


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