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Damsel (2024). 1h 48m | PG-13

“Slapping MBB as the lead itu0026#39;ll definitely get viewerships but not an original, itu0026#39;s more of the same as BRAVE, bit of lazy writing tbh but I guess itu0026#39;s a kids movie so not much appeal to older audiences but I guess you can not please or target every one, if you are young female who loves a feel good movie and wants relate this is definitely for you, I am 30 yr man just watched it to kill time as iv seen just about everything that appeals to me I can say it is worth a watch on a Friday night if youu0026#39;ve sent about 20 minutes flicking through the Netflix catalog, definitely will forget about it tomorrow morning. But have it a 5 star as it could of been a bit gory and better storyline with the dragon side of things but I guess they are running out of ideas..”


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