Chestnut: Hero of Central Park (2004)

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Chestnut: Hero of Central Park (2004). 1h 27m | G

“I first saw this movie on DVD when I rented it at Blockbuster back in 2009 and it was decent and heartwarming. The Story is decent, the characters are good as well, and the Chemistry between Chestnut (who is a Great Dane) and Sal and Ray is heartwarming and remarkable. If you like u0026quot;Bingou0026quot; (1991), u0026quot;Free Willyu0026quot;, u0026quot;Shilohu0026quot;, u0026quot;Beethovenu0026quot;, u0026quot;Andreu0026quot; and u0026quot;Monkey Troubleu0026quot;, youu0026#39;ll enjoy it as much as kids will and Dog Lovers as well.”


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