Panda! Go Panda! (Short 1972)

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Panda! Go Panda! (Short 1972). 34m | TV-Y7-FV

“I Saw A Little Clip Of Panda KoPanda (Go Panda Go!)And I Thought This Will Be Cute But Blech…. I Was So Wrong! I Was Shocked How Much I Actually Loved This Film (And Rainy Day Circus) It Was One Of The Most Cute Things I Have Ever Seen! I Have Seen All Of Studio Ghibliu0026#39;s Movies It Was Cool To See Iaso And Hayo Before They Were Big Directors (And The Best Studio In The World 馃檪 The Plot Was Cute, And Just Very Fun. I Actually Watched It By Myself (I Thought I Should Watch It With My 5 Year Old Sister) And I Really Did Enjoy It! Honestly Bouth Films Are Great! Some People Say The 1st Panda Ko Panda Is A Hair Better Than The 2nd… But I Think Bouth Are A Perfect 10! I Wish More People Knew About This Movie! I Watched The Engish-Dub Version I Thought It Was Fine.. Picky People 馃檪 One Of My Favorite Movies :D”


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