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Maggie: Directed by Henry Hobson. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin, Joely Richardson, Douglas M. Griffin. A teenage girl in the Midwest becomes infected by an outbreak of a disease that slowly turns the infected into cannibalistic zombies. During her transformation, her loving father stays by her side.

“OK, to make a long Story short, I actually didnu0026#39;t expect any Thing from this film. It sounded like a really fuc…. B-Movie…. but….u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eNo, it is not!!! Arnie Acts in this film like never seen before, yeah, it is quite unusual, but hell yeah, I like that. Of Course, nothing to do here, the film is more quiet and about the relationship between him and the Family, but hell yeah, Arnie managed it real good. I was very impressed seeing him as a loving Father without seeing him killing all the bad guys at once. No, I actually has been very impressed, Arnie Acts like a real father and I saw tears… yes, unbelievable, but it really fits into it This film is like a B-Movie, but I really like the way how it goes and wow, Arnie is great in the role of an old loving Father.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eLike this very very much! Not to see every night, but I think it is a real good one.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eSorry for my English, Iu0026#39;m from Germany! Many Greetings!”


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