Three Penny Opera (1963)

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Three Penny Opera (1963). 2h 4m

“This movie is the classic story of Mack the Knife. The version I saw was in the original German, and subtitled in English. It was filmed as a barb towards Nazi Germany, however, since anti-Govu0026#39;t were forbidden the film takes places in London England. Our Hero, is a Thief. The Head of the Thieves guild. He and his crownies continually steal from the One bank in town. Mackie, likes to visit the Women of Ill Repute and they all know him, and the cops are all bought so they canu0026#39;t touch him. He has intentions of Marrying the Daughter of the King of the Beggars guild, and all is going well. Until the Police chief gets aspirations of Arresting Mackie, and the bank they rob goes bankrupt. Fortunately Mackie has enough money to buy the defunct bank and his crownies can become the Tellers. This is an excellent old film, and I recommend it to anyone.”


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