The Vigilantes Return (1947)

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The Vigilantes Return (1947). 1h 7m | Passed

“Marshal Johnnie Taggart, posing as an outlaw named u0026quot;Aceu0026quot; Braddock, comes to Bannack, Montana to restore law and order. But he is recognized by Kitty, co-owner with Clay Curtwright of the infamous Bull Whip saloon. But u0026quot;bad-girlu0026quot; Kitty keeps her mouth shut. When Johnnieu0026#39;s pal Andy reports a stage holdup, Curtwrightu0026#39;s henchman, Ben Borden, talks the sheriff and Judge Holden into suspecting Johnnie. Johnnie reveals himself to Judge Holden as a government marshal, and the judge voices his opinion that Curtwright is the leader of the road agents, but voices it in the presence of his granddaughter, Louise Holden., who is in love with Curtwright, a smooth operating crook.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eVigilantes Return is a competent western from Universal studio that stars Jon Hall as the hero – heu0026#39;s ok though a little on the bland side. Margaret Lindsayu0026#39;s performance as Hallu0026#39;s ex-flame and saloon keeper adds the meat in her role and Jack Lambert does his usual snarling as a henchman. A little liveliness scattered here and there and some good action scenes – riding through the saloon and the Stagecoach out of control sequence come to mind – keeps thing zipping along.”


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