The Man in the Guest House (TV Movie 2024)

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The Man in the Guest House (TV Movie 2024). | TV-PG

“This is supposed to be a thriller but I was far from thrilled after watching it. Brandon and Ashley Burke are a couple who need to make some extra income so they fix up their guest house and plan to rent it out. The trouble is they lease it to the wrong tenant! Is anyone surprised by this? Dan Hansen is working on his MBA but has an ulterior motive for why heu0026#39;s there. Unfortunately, he u0026#39;s planned to makes their lives a living hell. He says and does some things during the movie that make the couple suspicious of him and they are right to be. But why is he targeting them and is anyone else involved? The acting here is pretty wooden and this type of revenge trope is one Lifetime uses a lot. The script is good but quite predictable. Itu0026#39;s an OK watch if you have nothing better to do!”


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