Freedom Is Beautiful (2023)

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Freedom Is Beautiful (2023). 1h 7m

“Well iu0026#39;ve seen many great TV documentaries about refugees but this one is more like fake propaganda then real struggle for real life they could have. It all look like premade narrative to make all more believable but in the end it canu0026#39;t convince viever. Its hard to watch it as instead of how sad stuff is going on there people may focus more of how it try to push vievers opion too hard. I think producer should implement also opinion of other side to make in more real. All in all i belive the potential of this kind of movies is wasted here. Also i think they should. After watching this i felt like my emotions were not directed enough with main characters nor towards Australiansu0026#39; government. Its like you watch it and forget.”


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