The Princess of Nebraska (2007)

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The Princess of Nebraska (2007). 1h 17m | Not Rated

“I should have walked out of this film, but I stayed, hoping that itu0026#39;d get better. It didnu0026#39;t. In fact the longer it went on, the worse it became. The story line (did I say story line?), is as thin as cigarette smoke. The lead character is obnoxious and monosyllabic. Nobody else in the film was either pleasant or of interest. The camera work was hand-held and jerky when it didnu0026#39;t need to be. The shots were so u0026#39;tightu0026#39;, the viewer is denied any sense of u0026#39;placeu0026#39;. No scene followed logically from the previous one. The ending was so totally incomprehensible, it demonstrated that the director had completely run out of ideas. The moral dilemma at the heart of the film was neither articulated or resolved. Wayne Wang has made some interesting features. u0026quot;The Princess From Nebraskau0026quot; is not one of them.”


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