You Don't Choose Your Family (2011)

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You Don't Choose Your Family (2011). 1h 43m

“this is a great movie.A great comedy with jean reno and Christian clavier on top of there game.This movie has a little of everything to have a great time.The association between those 2 actors is one of the best ever,the story is very modern and translated in a lot of emotions.The movie talks about child adoption and homosexual couples.They manage to turn the subject in a light subject and the movie was very respectful in the matter.jean reno is a great actor every scene with him is a delight and Christian clavier is so funny he is hilarious. This movie is perfect to have a good time,it,s deep and clever they should make more of those movies because they are fun movies.this is a great comedy that everybody can enjoy.jean reno is amazing is such a great actor and in this movie he is very funny.”


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