Louis C.K.: Back to the Garden (TV Special 2023)

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Louis C.K.: Back to the Garden (TV Special 2023). 1h 10m

“Great show. I have loved him from the first time I saw his stuff and will love him forever… whatever happened. Louie gets us and knows what we think about and what we want to say but most of us donu0026#39;t have the balls to do so. Well he does and yet for those who know his stuff and have seen it all (like me) he can still surprise you after so many years. Is he such a poet as Chappelle? Probably not. Is he as edgy as Jeselnik or Jimmy Carr? No. But what he is for sure is real and natural and very very funny. To me this might be one of the best specials he had done but most of all he never lets down and if this is the first Louis CK show you have ever seen and liked it you are in for many hours of greatness. Lucky you.”


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