Heropanti (2014)

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Heropanti (2014). 2h 26m | Not Rated

“All right guys u0026amp; gals…Disclaimer : If you are the serious types, going to a movie theater or even downloading a movie from the internet which is again serious or has a lot of drama or too much romance or even too much of violence; Heropanti is not for you. Sabbir Khan (Director) has recreated a sort or late 80s-early 90s era in his 2nd directorial venture. His earlier movie; Kambhakkt Ishq was total CRAP. But Heropanti is a fantastic improvement. Direction, cinematography, choreography, music everything is good. This movie is a TTP {TOTAL TIME PASS} movie. When you enter the movie hall, you should leave behind all your worries of your life, go in with a clear mind u0026amp; do not pay too much attention to small details. This movie has a lot to offer to the diversified audience. Action, Romance, Drama, Dance, Emotional Moments, Fantastic Music u0026amp; a very attractive lead pair. This movie does have some sexist jokes which should be taken in a light manner as it is NOT gross or vulgar in any way. Plot is good, set in modern day Haryana. Although it is copy of the Telugu Film u0026quot;PARUGUu0026quot; (Veerta: The Power). See it for the amazing stunts done by Tiger Shroff, the utterly gorgeous Kriti Sanon, Prakash Raj in a different look than his usual gangster character. Emotions are also portrayed beautifully by Prakash Raj u0026amp; Tiger Shroff. Overall, its a Bollywood entertainer with a fresh cast u0026amp; good content. Go for it!!”


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