Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979)

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Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979). 1h 33m | X

“Beneath the Valley is one of Meyeru0026#39;s better known works, largely due to its broader distribution, over-indulgence of feminine beauty and crass humor. These are all time-honored features of Meyer in his films, but as his last feature (Pandora Peaks typically isnu0026#39;t counted in terms of conventional Meyer timeline), everything gets laid on extra thick. Meyer tests the boundaries of just how far he can go before the viewer reaches sensory overload. Nonetheless the impeccable Kitten Natividad and the often unmentioned, but still unforgettable Ann Marie stay true to Meyer fashion and manage to suck in the viewer while Meyer dishes out social taboos and common problems associated with the modern couple. Nobody is safe from his scathing satire. The homosexual professional, the self-defeating redneck and the two-faced nature of radio/TV evangelism all get a thorough walloping in this film. This film also serves as the epitome of Meyeru0026#39;s work with photography and cinematography. His virtually-patented u0026quot;up through the bed springsu0026quot; shots are unmistakable and this film serves as the perfect showcase and record of this unique, yet effective technique. Never before has any director opted to shoot the love scene from the mattresses point of view! Although this film does indeed lack in comparison to Supervixens or Up! as one of Meyeru0026#39;s late u0026#39;70s style flicks in terms of dramatic story complexity, itu0026#39;s still Russ Meyer, and that alone makes the film worthwhile.”


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