Tomorrow (2015)

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Tomorrow (2015). 1h 58m | G

“Documentaries about change for a sustainable future come in all kinds and shapes. Often they start with doom and gloom images of what lies in store if we donu0026#39;t mend our way toward sustainable behaviour, with a closing u0026#39;happy chapteru0026#39;. Nothing like this in Demain / Tomorrow. Itu0026#39;s overall tone is realistically-optimistic, showing a 5-themed search for examples of projects and persons trying to put into practice what needs to be done to ensure a resilient future for all of us. Especially its common-sense attitude helps the viewer to relate easily to the (young) film makers. It is quite lengthy (118 minutes), but absolutely worth your time. The score is well-chosen,with some appropriate texts songs by talented Swedish jazz/pop singer Fredrika Stahl.”


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