Monolith (2022)

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Monolith (2022). 1h 34m | R

“Monolith: Australian SF/Horror/Conspiracy/Psychological Thriller. Lily (Lily Sullivan) is a journalist who has been sacked for getting a story wrong, maybe she was correct but just couldnu0026#39;t prove it. She might be an unreliable narrator though as we will come to suspect as the narrative unfolds. Lily is now running a podcast series exploring unexplained mysteries. We hear an impatient caller who wants her to believe that his family has been under surveillance by agents from the future for decades. Lilyu0026#39;s disbelief will rebound on her as another story unfolds, she gets an anonymous email regarding a brick, a strange black brick. One family was cheated out of it and the brick was sold to a German Art Dealer. The tale becomes even weirder as the dealer recounts his experiences and the existence of other bricks. Lily finds evidence of the bricks existing in the 1980s. The horror is mostly psychological, the tension building as Lily becomes increasingly stressed as aspects of the mystery partially circle back to her own past. But there are some gruesome scenes, including the creation of a brick and a violent clash with a doppelganger. Lily Sullivan has to carry the visual action on her own though the various voices on phones and tapes are convincing. A worthy portrayal by Lily of an isolated woman spiraling into paranoia and illness, a performance which brings the veracity of some of the events we have witnessed into question. Directed by Matt Vesely, Lucy Campbell wrote the script. 7.5/10.”


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